Compaq Repair Service Nassau County - A1 Rivoli Since 1935

Compaq Repair Service Nassau County - A1 Rivoli Since 1935
Throughout most of its history, Compaq has been renowned for compatibility, quality, and innovation. With this combination, Compaq was the first company to best IBM. It was one of the few to accomplish that feat.

Compaq produced one of the first portable computers, and has provided businesses with servers and consumers and businesses with laptops and desktops. Since its merger with HP, the Compaq brand has focused on providing affordable computers for consumers, notably the Presario laptop. 

Compaq Repair Services in Seaford Nassau County NY 11783

A1 Rivoli is proud to provide authorized Compaq equipment repairs to Compaq owners in Nassau County, NY. We began providing sales and services to businesses in Long Island in 1935, and decades later, we continue as one of the top providers of repair services for computers and office equipment in the Long Island, Nassau, and Western Suffolk area. Whether you are an area business or resident, we offer excellent service and quality repairs.

Compaq Service Providers in Nassau, Suffolk Counties

As an authorized Compaq Repair Service, Nassau County can rely on our team to remain on top of developments in the computer industry and advances in computer and electronic technology. Our repair technicians are well trained and very experienced in maintaining and repairing Compaq computer products. Our Compaq equipment repairs can keep your Compaq computers and other Compaq equipment functioning smoothly for you.
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Client Testimonial

"My visit started with the intention to get rid of a virus. We found out that the problem was not a virus, but a RAM issue. Everyone was very professional and humble, and it felt good to get such quick, accurate resolution – will call you guys again for sure!"

-Jerry S. , Massapequa
A1 Rivoli Technicians Improve Productivity 

Compaq equipment is known for compatibility, but our technicians are also highly skilled at integrating your computer system and office equipment. A smoothly operating, fully integrated system makes optimal use of all the features and capabilities of your computers, computer software, computer accessories, and office equipment. If a part of your system or a computer or other piece of your office equipment malfunctions, our technicians can run a free diagnostic test either in your home or business or at our location.

As your Compaq authorized repair service, we also offer free pickup and delivery.
Why Choose A1 Rivoli

Over the last several years, Compaq products have been discontinued or rebranded under the HP name. The one exception is a new line of Presario laptops being manufactured under the relicensed Compaq name. However, owners of the very high quality, older Compaq products need not worry. For Compaq repair service Nassau County, as well as residents and businesses from Suffolk County, can rely on A1 Rivoli. Because we have been in business since 1935, for over 80 years, our technicians are well-informed regarding the operation, specifications, maintenance, and repair of older Compaq products, and they will also remain informed regarding the maintenance and repair of the new Presario laptops.

Whether you have new Compaq models or older ones, we can keep them running for you, and you will appreciate our short response time. Whether you are a business or residential customer, we want to alleviate the frustrating downtime and lack of productivity that can result during computer repairs. Businesses not only suffer from loss of productivity, but also from lost profits. 

A Maintenance Contract Avoids Unnecessary Repairs 

You can take a step to reduce the downtime, frustration, lack of productivity, and lost profits that occur during computer and equipment repairs by purchasing an annual maintenance contract. When you purchase a maintenance contract from us, one of our technicians will discuss the terms of the services we provide under the contract. Our technicians will then run regularly scheduled, periodic diagnostics on your equipment.

Because many repairs are relatively minor, our technician usually will be able simply to make the needed repairs in accordance with the contract agreement. Attending to minor problems as they occur can help prevent them from developing into more serious problems that require more expensive repairs later on. However, if a major repair is required, our technician will explain the problem to you in detail and discuss the parts and labor needed to make the repair. 
Contact A1 Rivoli for Authorized Compaq Repairs

Contact A1 Rivoli for Authorized Compaq Repairs

If you have questions about our annual maintenance contract for your Compaq equipment repairs, contact our staff by phone or complete the contact submission form on our website. A1 Rivoli is your source for time-tested Compaq repair service Nassau County.

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