Testimonials from A1 Rivoli Clients

Testimonials from A1 Rivoli Clients

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"I rarely take the time. to post on something on a business page but today was different. Thank you for taking my call & for all your help this morning. While it looks like I need to get a new printer, I cannot thank you enough for your courteous service & the time you spent with us this morning to try to solve our problem. If in the future, I have cause to call in for repair, we would definitely call you first!"
-Regards, Dina

"I can't afford to have my business come to a screeching halt because of problems with computer hardware. My regular service guy told me it would take 3 days for him to take a look at my network server when I started having operational problems. My staff couldn't read or send email, computers were crashing, and my printers were either failing to start, or they were printing characters of gibberish. I asked my IT Manager to find a new computer repair service, and A1 Rivoli was, by far, the first company to respond to my needs. We spent almost 20 minutes explaining our problems and answering his questions, as best we could. We felt so comfortable with Dominick, that we asked him to come over. To our surprise, he said he was just around the corner. He had been driving to our location while we are having our meeting. I couldn't be more impressed. Long story short - they had us up and running by the end of the day. The price was less than I thought it would be, and before I could tell him that, Dominick gave me a discount. My company has a new, and reliable, computer repair service, and it's A1 Rivoli."
-Craig C.
Garden City

Our network server was getting old, but we weren't prepared to go out and buy a new one. Our in-house IT department had to reboot the server two or three times a day just to keep the staff working. We wanted someone local, in Nassau County, so we called A1 Rivoli for an estimate on repairs. Not only was their estimate less than what we expected, our server no longer needs to be rebooted on a daily basis. We are still going to upgrade our server, but now it isn't an emergency, and we can do it when it fits into our budget. We received such a huge discount on the repair, that we are going to buy our new server from A1 Rivoli. We highly recommend them!
B. Lee
Garden City

“I use my computer all day long because I’m a graphic designer. Over the past few weeks, I saw my computer slowing down and my programs would stop working. I thought I was going to have to buy a new computer, which was an expense I couldn’t really afford. I decided to call A1 Rivoli and they were able to come out fast so that I didn’t have to wait around forever. They were able to diagnose the problem almost instantly and made the repairs. Now my computer runs faster than it ever did in the past, plus I don’t have to buy a new computer. They saved me a fortune and now I have a better machine for graphic design.”
-N. Furman
Garden City

“We had three printers at our office and none of them seemed to be doing that well. We were constantly having problems and spending a fortune in repairs. After costing out what we would need to spend for three new printers, we decided to call A1 Rivoli for assistance. Their printer technicians were very friendly and helped us to see the benefits of a network printer. We bought one network printer, they hooked it up for us and now printing throughout the office has been simplified. We also bought their printer maintenance plan, so we have a technician come out periodically throughout the year to check on the printer. We haven’t had any issues and we are now more productive as a result of how A1 Rivoli has helped us.”
– Jon B.

“Our office was a mess in terms of computers and printers. We knew we weren’t being as productive as we could, so we contacted A1 Rivoli to help us with networking solutions. They made suggestions for the best system for us, showing us some of the benefits that could be had with multiple systems. Once we purchased all of the networking hardware and software, they came in and installed it for us. Not only that, but they took the time to show several of our key employees how it all worked. This was huge for us because none of us had a clue about networking prior to the training. Now that we’re up and running on the network, we’re more efficient. We’re able to get more work done in a day and all of our files are backed up in a more secure manner. This was the system we needed and if it wasn’t for A1 Rivoli, we would still be working in the Dark Ages.”
– Josie F.
Long Island City

"My visit started with the intention to get rid of a virus. We found out that the problem was not a virus, but a RAM issue. Everyone was very professional and humble, and it felt good to get such quick, accurate resolution – will call you guys again for sure!"
-Jerry S.

"The people at A1 are number one in my book. My business was in trouble when we came to have a number of laptops down and a struggling network at our home office. They came out right away, gave a consultation and diagnosis that put me in complete control, and in only a matter of hours, we were running at brand new equipment capacity with all our old gear."
-Sarah T.

"Between my husband and teenage kids, and their friends, we are no strangers to computer problems. We got a service contract, and since 2010, I just make a call if there's ever a problem. I can't find a single thing to complain about with A1. The Banicker Family thanks you for always making our problems your priority."

-Katie B.
New Hyde Park

"Our copier broke on a Monday morning, right before a huge bid had to go out the door. We were all devastated. A couple of our tech-savvy employees took a shot at fixing it but nothing seemed to work. We called A1 Rivoli and a technician was at our office, diagnosing our copier before the end of the day. After changing out a few parts and working on it, our copier was back up and running – allowing us to make copies that we needed that had to be out the door fast. If it wasn’t for A1 Rivoli, we would have had to go to a print shop in order to make all of our copies, which would have ended up costing a lot more. This was the best copier repair we could have asked for.”
-Bob G.
Hempstead, NY

"Our fax machine was giving us fits. Our in-house technology department couldn't figure it out and recommended replacement. The pros at A1 came out and did their magic, and we haven't had one problem since. A1 Rivoli is now our number-one choice for issues like this. Thank You!"
-Lisa M.
Elmont, NY

"I am certain I am one of the most demanding customers A1 has. I run a large, high-capacity office and production must go on. Anytime I have a problem with our very large inventory of computers and office equipment, I call them. They always make our needs number-one, regardless of how intense or immediate they may be. I have a small office at home and my fax machine is very important. Being a very obscure model, I had doubts anyone could help when it stopped working. A1 came right to me and got this old machine up and running like its very first days in service. A1 knows what they are doing and it shows."

-Jason F.
Great Neck, NY

“I’ve had my Olivetti typewriter for years. It’s been handed down through the generations and while I don’t use it every day, I’ve always loved the fact that it works. When I went to use it one day and found out that the keys were jammed, I was heartbroken. I quickly called A1 Rivoli and was shocked and relieved to find out that they repaired typewriters. A technician came out to my home, diagnosed the problem and wrote up an entire quote for me. The parts were ordered and he came back within a few days to get my typewriter back up and running. The keys now stamp the page better than ever before and I couldn’t be happier. I don’t know what I’d do without these technicians because this typewriter means so much to me.”
– Jeanne B.
Seaford, NY

"Some of my systems are getting older, but my staff is accustomed to working on them. Having a computer maintenance plan with A1 Rivoli ensures my equipment is running at it's peak efficiency. Now, I have less downtime, and Dominick and his team are super-easy to work with."
-Ron F.
Garden City

"We purchased our new printer from A1 Rivioli because we wanted to have prompt and local service. The installation and setup was easy, but it wasn't long after it was installed that my employees need additional training to utilize all of the features of the printer. Dominick was patient and understanding. He came to the office a few times to help train everyone on the printer's capability, and at no additional charge! I wanted expert local service when I purchased my equipment, and that is exactly what I received when I bought it from A1 Rivioli."
-J. Catapano
Seaford. NY
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