HP Repair Service Nassau County - A1 Rivoli Since 1935

HP Repair Service Nassau County - A1 Rivoli Since 1935
At A1 Rivoli, we are committed to computer repair excellence. This commitment doesn’t just start at the time of service however. Our commitment to industry-leading service begins at training time. Each and every employee of A1 Rivoli is brought through the most rigorous certifications and training schedules expected of top-performers.

Not only is initial prowess required, but in order to stay relevant in this field, every employee maintains an ongoing education.

Hewlett Packard Repair Services in Seaford Nassau County NY 11783

There is always a new technology, product, or concept at hand. We will always be right there when this occurs. In doing so, we assure our customers of the most modern, up-to-date expertise there is.

This is how we maintain our coveted status as an HP authorized repair provider. Being listed as a manufacturer-authorized repair provider means that essentially, we know everything there is to know about that manufacturer’s products. Specifically, HP authorized repair is one of our much-honed specialties.
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Hewlett Packard Repair Services in Seaford Nassau County NY 11783
HP Computer Repairs

HP computer repair is a big part of our HP-related customer services. This area of work encompasses laptops, desktops, and all other forms of related connection and accessory components. We know HP from top to bottom.

Have you experienced any kind of hang-ups, freezes, or slow performance? What about a virus or even a broken keyboard? HP laptops have had previous overheating issues. We can even resolve this.
Client Testimonial

"Some of my systems are getting older, but my staff is accustomed to working on them. Having a computer maintenance plan with A1 Rivoli ensures my equipment is running at it's peak efficiency. Now, I have less downtime, and Dominick and his team are super-easy to work with."

-Ron F., Garden City
Whether it’s a software issue or a hardware problem, we’ve got your HP computer repair solution. But that’s not good enough. We don’t believe in just providing solutions. We strive to be as efficient, fast, affordable, and professional as possible. It’s one thing to provide service. It’s another thing to do it well. Unlike so many of the other guys out there, we realize that you receive excellence when we seek it ourselves, as a company.
HP Printer Repairs
HP Printer Repairs

Did you know we also service any kind of HP printer as well? That’s right; we are also proud to be your number-one area HP printer repairs provider. No matter your need, we know your HP device inside and out.

Do you have an ink leakage problem? Do you want to know how to stop your printer’s random hang-ups and paper-jams? Maybe you just need help getting the right, HP inks. Our HP authorizations don’t just stop at the computer. We will be glad to help you with any kind of HP printer repairs you may have, today, no matter how big or small.
Contact A1 Rivoli for Authorized HP Repairs

Contact A1 Rivoli for Authorized HP Repairs

What makes such a range of HP expertise even better? We gladly offer free consultations. This is for one reason; because we feel that charging you for assessing your needs is counteractive to an honest, “it’s-about-the-customer” business. Don’t fall prey to the other guys and their need to charge you for every little thing they say they’ve done.

No matter whether you are a private individual, a small business, or a large corporation, we have the means to parallel the scale of your particular operation. With us, size is not an issue. Your business is our incentive. That is our “bottom-line.” We know that in order to be your first choice in Nassau-area, computer and office equipment repair, we need to be the best choice. That’s us, A1 Rivoli.

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